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6 h Annual York Canoe–O, Ferry Lane slipway, Bishopthorpe, YO23 2SB
Saturday 14th September, individual starts between 11.00am & 1.00pm
Charity fun event on the river for paddlers of all ages & abilities
With thanks to the support of Bishopthorpe Parish Council and site owner Phil Cook.
Facilities on site: event carpark, riverside café, toilets
Take part in a treasure hunt along the beautiful River Ouse in any canoe or paddle board
Great fun for children and families in canadians & doubles as well as single paddlers.
All paddlers will get a map of the river showing locations of 25 coloured flags.
The paddling challenge: how many will you find in 60 minutes?
Skills encouraged: paddling, map reading, observation, distance judgement, recording
Canoe O information, timing, scoring and start times:
Record flag numbers by punching or writing on your tally.
Start any time between 11am and 1pm by dibbing the electronic timing box on the water.
Hire dibbers at £1 or bring your own. Finish by 2.00pm.
There will be a different 1st control for each boat then collect all the others in any order
10 points scored for each flag recorded.
Download your time back on land.
Time allowed: 60 mins
Time penalty: 5 points deducted for each minute late
Car parking & reception: Unload at river end of Ferry Lane. After unloading drive on 200
metres and turn right into the Canu-O car park (just beyond the caravan site).
Plenty of room here for all cars, minibuses and trailers.
Camping: available at the site contact: The Boatyard, Tel 01904 704400
Important Safety Regulations:
-All participants must wear buoyancy aids.
-All boats must clearly display the event bib and return it with their tally after downloading.
-Most paddlers cross the river many times. Always look & listen for passing motorboats
-A thorough risk assessment is always carried out but canoeing is an adventure sport and
everybody takes part at their own risk.
-Full refunds if the event has to be cancelled because of difficult river conditions
Entry fees: single boats: £5.00 juniors; £10.00 seniors, doubles & crews: £10.00
Closing date: 9 th September.
Late entries: will be accepted on the day but with an additional £2.00 added.
Results: will be posted on the HOAA, Eborienteers & York Canoe Race websites
Annual trophies: 1 st & 2 nd boats, 1 st team (4 counters). Presentations at 2.15pm:
This is a charity event organized by Humbledon Outdoor Activities Association
All entry fees will be used to support two outdoor activity camps for people with disabilities
organized each year by a team of local volunteers.
Further information from: philippuckrin@gmail.com